Candi Mendut, The Elder Temple of Borobudur

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Mendut is a relic of history to the present day which are still used to carry out religious ceremonies, especially by Buddhists to celebrate Vesak as every year, yes .. Mendut did have a strong background of Buddhism, this temple was founded in the reign of King Indra of Sailendra dynasty , on an inscription in Karangtengah have mentioned that King Indra has built a shrine called wenuwana or which means ‘bamboo forest’, an archaeologist or a Dutch archaeologist J.G. de Casparis based on his research connect this information with Mendut. Mendut itself is located in Mendut village, Mungkid , Magelang, Central Java. The temple is not only popular for domestic tourists but also widely known by foreign tourists.


The architecture of the temple is unique and characterized which until now you can watch a elegant and sturdy building created by past societies, construction material used in the bricks  are covered with natural stone. At the top of the basement or building foundation, there is a hallway that surrounds the temple, the top three-tiered roof and decorated with small stupas totaling 48 pieces. Reliefs that adorn the walls of the temple is Pancatantra also Jataka stories on both banks of the stairs, Boddhisatwa reliefs, reliefs on the walls of Kalpataru temple, two nymphs, Hariti (giant which repented after meeting with Buddha and switch becomes patron of children) and atawaka. There are also carvings of Khayangan beings, gods and angels, an eagle and two apes, and of course relief carving of Buddha in  Dharmacakramudra position. In the main temple you will see three large Buddha statues with a different attitude. You will see in front of the statue of Buddha, there are hio-hio (incense) and baskets for donation, visitors can light incense and pray here.


Mendut also believed to be a place to pray to the goddess of fertility (Fertility Goddess), no wonder if encouraging  the couples who have not been blessed with a baby for pilgrimage and pray here.(Arisca Meir / (Photo:; rantiandrovin . com)

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