Benteng Otanaha, A Heritage in Gorontalo

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For lovers of historical and cultural heritage should visit this one, Otanaha fort is located about 30 minutes from Gorontalo to Limboto Lake, to reach the castle area you need to climb approximately 300-400 pieces stairs and pay the ticket with affordable price at Rp.7000, – , you can enjoy the historic buildings while taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery around it. The fort is located on a hill in Dembe I village, Kota Barat, Gorontalo. Built in 1522, this castle is a relic of the Portuguese in the 15th century as a form of cooperation between the Portuguese government with King Ilato, besides the fort was used as a shelter for Gorontalo kings against invaders attack.


Spherical architecture with foundation made ​​from natural stone. About 7 meters high with a diameter is  approximately  20 meters. In this area there are three forts which are connected by three paths to every fortress. Strategic location is somewhat used to the presence of enemy lurking at that time. From the top of the castle area you can see the panorama of Gorontalo city and Limboto. Although a bit dull with age due, the remains of the fort are still standing strong, in addition to its allure found in the surrounding landscape as well as the building itself, the story of the struggle that accompanies existence that makes travelers curious, it was unfortunately missed this attraction to passed, the fort could be one interesting architectural objects especially for those of you lovers of photography. (Arisca Meir / (Photo:;

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