Wedang Uwuh, Garbage Drink With Full Benefit

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If you are vacationing in the area of Jogja, especially in Imogiri, you should taste this traditional drink, Wedang Uwuh, or when translated into Indonesian, namely ‘minuman sampah’ (garbage drink). Why is it called ‘sampah’ (garbage)? This apparently brewed beverage with ingredients  of leaves and a lot of spices in a glass so that the look is just like garbage. Wedang Uwuh contains such as ginger, secang, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg leaves, there are also which adds stalk, lemongrass or lime leaves then spiked with brown sugar or a sugar cube.

Wedang Uwuh is more delicious when served hot or warm, especially when the air is cold, sipping a glass of Wedang Uwuh. This traditional drink has a sweet flavor and spicy (ginger taste) with bright red color and nice fragrance, from the fragrance only we already can feel the deliciousness of Wedang uwuh. Warm spicy flavor derived from ginger which is one element that is used in making this drink, whereas the natural red color obtained from secang. In addition to the flavor , the efficacy or benefits contained on it makes it much sought. Wedang Uwuh believed to lower cholesterol levels in the body, eases breathing, colds and expel flatulence, rich in anti-oxidants. How to make it is too easy, now widely available on the market, complete packaging materials for making ​​Wedang Uwuh, the materials are dried, even if you want more practical you can buy packs of instant powder, adjust it to your taste, price was considered to be very affordable.So, why you don’t try? (Arisca Meir / (Photo:

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