Timlo, Special Culinary From Solo

By on July 3, 2013 |  Dibaca : 427 kali

Well,  Solo ha Timlo as its special culinary  that you should taste. Timlo is similar to soup but different ingredients, Timlo has fairly dominant aroma from nutmeg, with clear broth comes with a variety of sliced ​​meat (chicken / beef), organ meats (liver gizzard, intestines, etc.) eggs, sausage (made ​​from beef / chicken and mashed then rolled), glass noodles , without vegetables. somewhat similar tekwan, typical food of Palembang, savory taste with a sprinkling of fried onions on top, warm soup is refreshing on Timlo will be more stable if given a little sauce. The food was allegedly appeared around the 1960s. Usually served with a plate of white rice. The price is quite affordable, with prices ranging from Rp. 15.000, – / portion. (Arisca Meir / inloveindonesia.com) ((Photo: himpalaunas.com)

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