Taman Nasional Way Kambas, Tempat Penangkaran dan Pusat Pelatihan Gajah

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Want to know the life of mammals that have  giant body? you don’t need go to the mountains or the jungles, simply just pay a visit to Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) located in Lampung province, about 110 km from Lampung city. The nature is regarded one of the oldest nature in Indonesia, located in an open space with an area approximately 1,300 square kilometers. If you are using aircraft to Lampung, from Randen Inten Airport, you can take  taxi / travel / or rental car to  Way Kambas around 2 hours. If you are from Port Bakauheni to Way Jepara takes approximately 3 hours. During your trip, you will see many banana trees , the nuances is very similar to the Balinese village, because there are  a lot of  Balinese Transmigrator staying and living in East Lampung.


Way Kambas National Park or commonly abbreviated to Way Kambas is a home and a place to play and to school for animal that becomes icon of Lampung province. Way Kambas National Park is proposed to be national park since 1978 while  elephant school center was formally established in 1985. Way Kambas itself functioned as a place for the place to protect the habitat of elephants , especially in the area of Lampung . Way Kambas is not only for recreational purposes only,  but also the visitors can increase knowledge about the life of elephants, creating a sense of love and a sense of belonging to living beings, especially elephant. Visitors can see how the actual animals and humans could coexist peacefully without disturbing each other.In Way Kambas visitors can see the Way Kambas elephant can be trained to carry out some activities are like plowing the field, play ball, dance many other actions, visitors may also ride elephants accompanied by coaches of course, do not worry. . guaranteed safe anyway. In Way Kambas, there are also deer and rhino and flora like salam, ketapang, pandanus, sea pine, meranti, etc..


For visitors who live outside the city, there are several cottages that you can rent for staying equipped with facilities for the convenience of guests, there are restaurant.(Arisca Meir / inloveindonesia.com) (Photo: wikipedia.org; pencil-adventure . com; indonesia.travel)

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