• pict-jusmaknyus
    Juice Q-ta, Kisah sukses yang Berawal dari Kegemaran dan Skripsi

    Bagi warga yang tinggal di Jogja dan sekitarnya, pasti tak asing jika mendengar nama ‘Juice Q-ta’. Bisnis kuliner minuman yang mulai merambah daerah luar Jogja ini kini mulai menampakan taringnya. Berawal dari ide seorang mahasiswa Universitas Atma...

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  • kaliurang
    Enjoying The Fresh Air in Kaliurang

    Who like to travel to Yogyakarta or Jogja, you must be familiar with this one. The location is not so far from the city center of Yogyakarta or about 25-30 km away, but have significant temperature differences which...

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  • rujakpa00120072012153430
    Rujak Es Krim, Blends of Hot Rujak and Cool Ice Cream

    Yogyakarta city is a tourist destination that you must visit in Indonesia, the diversity and richness of its culture,  handicrafts, arts and culture, to the culinary diversity, they seem a pity to not be investigated one by...

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  • kasongan1
    Buying Souvenirs And Seeing The Making Process of Pottery in Kasongan Village

    On vacation in Yogyakarta, you must visit Kasongan Tourism Village in Bantul, Yogyakarta, precisely in Bangunjiwo village, Kasihan, from North Square of Yogyakarta to the south about 6 km . Kasongan is famous for its gerabah (pottery). Initially this...

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  • miejawacvr
    Bakmi Jawa, The Populist Javanese Culinary

    Bakmi Jawa (Javanese Noodle) is processed noodles cooked with spices typical of Javanese cuisine. Most people interpret the noodles are boiled noodles or in the Java language called bakmi godhod (godhog noodle), but actually there are also variations...

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  • 364_201306171371487036Wedang Uwuh Original (saji) i
    Wedang Uwuh, Garbage Drink With Full Benefit

    If you are vacationing in the area of Jogja, especially in Imogiri, you should taste this traditional drink, Wedang Uwuh, or when translated into Indonesian, namely ‘minuman sampah’ (garbage drink). Why is it called ‘sampah’ (garbage)? This apparently brewed...

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  • mangayubagyo-sultan-tumpengan-15
    Amankan Lebaran, Malioboro Dijaga ‘Jogoboro’

    YOGYAKARTA – Selama arus mudik dan balik lebaran 2013, Malioboro akan menjadi magnet wisata untuk disinggahi. Akibatnya jantung kota Yogyakarta ini menjadi titik krusial rawan kejahatan bagi pemudik lebaran. Oleh sebab itu Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT) Malioboro akan...

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  • goa-selarong-yogyakarta4
    Selarong Cave, Stepping The Strugle of Prince Diponegoro

    Selarong cave is a tourist attraction that has a strong history. This area is a silent witness to the hero, Prince Diponegoro how he defend the motherland from colonial greed in the past. It is located in Kembangputihan village,...

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  • thumb_600
    Enjoying The Warm Wedhang Ronde

    Wedhang Ronde is a traditional drink from Central Java with ginger and given ‘ronde’ . Wedhang is a beverage while Ronde is a special batter consisting of rice flour and brown sugar and usually contains the mashed...

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    Pok Tunggal Beach, The New Potency in Wonosari

    One more potential for marine tourism in Wonosari , Gunung Kidul , a new beauty beach named Pok Tunggal Beach. This attraction is still fairly new compared to other beaches in this area , no wonder if...

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