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    Ubi Cilembu, A Sweet Flesh Like Honey

    Ubi Cilembu is a snack from Sumedang, West Java. Cilembu itself  is a local sweet potatoes from Pamulihan, Sumedang, West Java. Many  variant potatoes can also be found in Tanjung Sari, Cilembu, Cadas  and Pangeran. What is the privilege...

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    Rujak Bebek, Delicious Crushed Salad

    Cirebon has many culinaries spread throughout the archipelago. As with Rujak Bebek / Bebeg (beubeuk),  crushed rujak (fruit salad) mixed with special chilli spices, no wonder if this culinary is not only popular among Cirebon people but also...

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    Rujak Es Krim, Blends of Hot Rujak and Cool Ice Cream

    Yogyakarta city is a tourist destination that you must visit in Indonesia, the diversity and richness of its culture,  handicrafts, arts and culture, to the culinary diversity, they seem a pity to not be investigated one by...

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    5 popular traditional snacks in Indonesia

    Traditional cake or better known as ‘jajanan pasar’  who does not like it, there is a grain snacks often adorn the tables and laid out on a pretty plate when there are special events such as lecture,...

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    Batagor, Crunchy Addiction!

    Who doesn’t like this snack, all ages will like this populist snack, yes .. Bakso Tahu Goreng (Fried Tofu Meatballs) or better known by its acronym ‘Batagor’  is a populist cheap snack. This is known as a hawker...

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    Kembang Tahu, A Unique, Tasty, and Nutritious Traditional Drink

    Have you ever heard of a drink called Kembang Tahu ? have you ever tried it? How is the taste to you? Unique, isn’t it? from one material produces many variants of product, can be consumed  as a side...

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    Putu Bambu, A Simple Culinary Which Hard To Be Found

    Putu Bambu is  a typical Indonesian snacks that is rarely encountered now, the seller of Putu Bambu is now getting eliminated by other more modern snacks. This snacks cooked ​​using bamboo strips, so named Kue Putu Bambu (Putu...

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    Mie Kocok, Noodle With Thick Beef Soup Plus Kikil From Bandung

    If visiting a region or city do not miss tasting the famous culinary in the city, Mie Kocok is one variant which you must taste when you come to town which is also dubbed as the Paris...

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