Watu Karung Beach, Should Be Visited When in Pacitan

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Pacitan did not want to lose to other regions in Indonesia, which has the potential for beautiful and enchanting marine tourism, the hometown of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has the exotic beach namely Watu Karung beach, Beach locations is right in Watu Karung beach, Pringkuku, Pacitan , East Java, from Pacitan you take distance of around 40 km or about 1-2 hours. There is no public transport to reach the location of this beach so to be able to reach  Watu Karung beach you have to use a personal vehicle. Asphalt along the coastal road is fairly good, but you have to be careful with the road that are steep climbs and sharp turns, other than that you have to be diligent to ask local residents for not much a signpost that will help you find the location of the beach.


Arriving at the location, you will be surprised by the beautiful scenery and clean beach, lots of rocks also available here, and crystal clear turquoise water, soft white sand beach extend along the fringe,  Watu Karung Beach also has world class waves which is a paradise for surfers. Make sure you do not visit in the rainy season, beautiful beach  plus a bright blue sky sunshine, perfect! Not until you do not see the sunrise or sunset on the beach, because the natural phenomena is one of the attractions for tourists. Back again to the distinctive waves of Watu Karung Beach which has type of reef break can produce a barrel that will satisfy the curious surfer who often made ​​by large waves roll high. A few years ago from Indonesia top surfers, Rizal Tanjung ever invite a class world surfer, Bruce Irons who ever win the Rip Curl Pro Search in 2008 to prove that Watu Karung Beach is worthy surfing destination in Indonesia.


This beautiful beach is not much visited by tourists, but now increasingly well known , especially in the holiday season, so many have chosen to visit this beach. (Arisca Meir / inloveindonesia.com) (Photo: travel.detik.com; traveldudes.org; flickr.com)

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