Unwind The Fatigue in Telaga Herang, Majalengka

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Telaga Herang or often also called Talaga Herang is the mainstay tourism in Majalengka which is often visited by the visitors especially during the holiday season arrives. It is on the border of two villages in Sindangwangi, Majalengka, West Java. To get to the location,  from Bandung, take route to Cirebon then get off at Kadipaten terminal, from terminal then continue the trip to Cigasong Terminal, if you are from Jakarta, take bus with Cirebon route and get off at palimanan, from Here you have to take to Kadipaten terminal and then take public transportation to Cigasong terminal. But if you are from Ciamis, you ride public transportation then get off in Cikijing, then take elf bus to  Cigasong terminal and continue to travel by public transportation to Kadipaten, it is easier when using a personal vehicle or a rental car, adjust it to your needs.


Telaga Herang  has greenish clear water and there are so many  fish, you can sit on the banks of the lake while feeding the fish that are deliberately kept here. There are also boat or water bike rentals at the recreation area, you can walk along the lake by boat or water bike, while pedaling, while taking pictures, so fun! Visitors are also allowed to swim, but was not allowed to swim to the middle of the lake, just at the edge area only, because the depth of the lake is getting to be more and more in the middle, too risky when it swam up to the middle. Lounging on the banks of the lake is fun while enjoying treats you drinks and snacks which are sold at Telaga Herang with  relatively affordable price, there are some restaurants that cann’t be missed, especially grilled fish main menu is always so superior.Relatively affordable admission ranges from Rp. 6000, -, with adequate and safe parking area to make your visit comfortable. Lush green natural setting on Telaga Herang least able to treat fatigue after work, happy holidays. (Arisca Meir / inloveindonesia.com) (Photo: disparbud.jabarprov.go.id)

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