Lake Tolire, Beautiful And Mysterious Lake Maluku

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This beautiful lake is hidden in Ternate, North Maluku is under the foot of Mount Gamalama exactly 10 miles from Ternate city center or 30 minutes from Ternate city center, you can rent a car or use a motorcycle taxi the fare ranges from Rp. 15000-25000, – The lake is divided into two lakes, Big and Small Lake Tolire, which is only about 200 meters away, because it is located on the hill, the lake resembles a crater with steep cliffs and lush trees, so it looks like a bowl or a large baking sheet. Beautiful panorama of green, You will find here, greenish-colored lake water is very calm, rippling only occasionally. When you want to approach the lake area, you must be accompanied by the familiar local community to the location of attractions due to the terrain that you will pass quite difficult and dangerous, must pass through steep cliffs and tree roots.

Although his name might not be so popular, but the main attraction of Lake Tolire  besides its beauty and depth that can not be measured , there is the outstanding folklore, giving rise to a strong curiosity to see by yourself the mysterious lake.


There is a stoey that says, there was a beautiful village under the surface of the lake, but there is one person who violated customs and being arrogant then the whole village should receive the curse, one night the village and all its contents suddenly submerged in water and  none could survive. This then led to a new myth  today, they believe that many of the treasures stored in the bottom of the lake is public property of Ternate Sultanate era, when the Portuguese colonial era, the people of Ternate throw much valuable treasure that is not taken into lake by the time the invaders. Another uniqueness, the lake is not detected clearly how the size of its depth. Some researchers have tried to measure how deep the lake, but no one has succeeded, there is even a French national had tried to measure using a rope thrown by helicopter, until the rope runs out, not to mention how the depth of the lake. Local people also believe about a crocodile who lives at Tolire Lake, reportedly ​​sometimes looks white and sometimes looks black,


mazy legend says it is the incarnation of a princess of submerged village. Regardless of whether or not, is definitely another tourist destination owned by Indonesia natural attractions that must be preserved in order to continue to be enjoyed until later. (Arisca Meir / (Photo:;; )

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