Bunga Jeumpa, A Flower From Aceh

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Jeumpa flowers or Yellow Cempaka whose latin name Mechelia Champaka is a flora  from the land of rencong, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam,  its speciality  made an Aceh artist made ​​a song titled ‘Bungong Jeumpa’ to represent another  beauty of Bungong Jeumpa . Jeumpa flower grows 3-6 meters, with  bright yellow color, some are beige or white. The flower is large enough, strands of petals arranged in rather a lot of strands, the fruit of this flower is brownish and often used as a ingredient for making perfume, you will often see this type of flower in the forest edge. This flower precisely the origin of India, due to the trader made the citizens of India had to go abroad that made Jeumpa Flower  spread to Indonesia. To breed this flower, you only need to plant the seed, then it will grow about 3 months later and the plants start flowering after approximately 5 years old. In addition as ingredient in perfumes,Jeumpa flower sometimes used as a mixture to make  traditional drink. We can find this flower because the habitat is still thriving and a lot of people who like to plant this flower to bred or to be collection . (Arisca Meir / inloveindonesia.com) (Photo: livakara.com)

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