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If you  are in  ​​Malang , East Java, take a time to visit Pemandian Air Panas Cangar (Cangar Thermal Baths). located in the Cangar protected forest area or commonly known as Forest Park ( Tahura ) R. Soejo Cangar , Cangar , Sumberbrantas , Bumiaji , not far from Batu city. if you use a private car , you only took about 1 hour to reach the site . it will be unforgetable trip with a view of the vegetable gardens also apples on either side along the road , as well as the shade of trees in the landscape like a top, beautiful !

Relatively smooth asphalt streets , but only slowly spur your car , especially if the weather is a bit cloudy or you’re leaving in the morning , the fog still hung slightly hinder your visibility .


Arriving at the location of the hot springs, you only need to spend Rp . 5000 , – only / person to be able to enjoy the warmth of the hot water pools which are available in this tourist area . there is a pond with a natural concept , the bottom is still a natural sand and walls bounded by flat stone , but some are shaped modern swimming pool . Ticket  is relatively affordable and  your body is fresh after bathing in natural hot springs, that makes this attraction never empty of visitors , especially when the holidays arrive . Typical cool air fresh mountain blends naturally with hot water can be relaxing drug to release the fatigue from your daily activities with family .


There are several small shops selling various foods and beverages as well as meatball fried in this area , fill your stomach after bathing , and that you can’t miss is enjoying special snacks  of thisThermal Bath. That’s  Tape Ketan, usually the seller using the traditional carts , the taste is  fresh sour  sweet while providing warmth in your stomach . (Arisca Meir/ (Foto:;;

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