Nostalgic Time in Sondokoro Agrotourism Recreation Park, Karanganyar

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What is Agro Sondokoro? Agrotourism Sondokoro is the recreation area located in Buran Village Buran, Tasikmadu, Karanganyar, from Surakarta is about 12 km. This recreational park stands in complex of Tasikmadu Sugar Factory which later developed into tourist attraction, Sugar Factory was built during the reign of KPAA Mangkunagara IV, a relic in the reign of KPAA Mangkunagara can also be seen in this area like Loco Doen, Kremoon ( train gates used by KPAA Mangkunagara IV reviewing cane plantations), and Lorri Bader. Agro environment is fairly lush, shady areas because many large trees grow tall create coolness in this agro-tourism area, this course is designed to give comfort to the visitors.

You will see a mix of the old days with the concept of ancient buildings and tools with modern touches in harmony.


The old building of Tasik Madu sugar factory Karanganyar is not only stunning, as though with the age, the look is still  attractive, besides enjoying the building that can be used as your photo object,  Visitors also can see the process of sugar production in the factory The. Recreational park covering an area of approximately 28 hectares is also equipped with dozens of old locomotives which functioned as a service for visitors ecotourism, you can walk around in  this agro-tourism area, look around sugarcane fields by riding the old-fashioned steam train. You will be taken to reminisce or imagine the  flashback of activity of cane plantation workers in the past, you will also be taken to see the cane grinding machine which is still functioning today. the train was made ​​in Germany in 1920 with wood fuel, the ticket price is affordable only ranged from Rp. 3000, -, there is an option if you intend to take tour around by train.


there are also  many other options that you must try one by one in the recreation park. Try the fish reflection sensation where you can soak the feet or the entire body in a pond containing dozens of small fish , small bits on your body causing a sensation like a massage. There is also swimming pool, flying fox,  restaurant, etc., about the lodging, don’t be worry, there are plenty of available cottages and lodgings with affordable price. (Arisca Meir / (Photo: tour-;;

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