Bendungan Wonorejo, The New Attraction in Tulungagung

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Wonorejo Dam is one of the largest dam in Southeast Asia with an area of 3.85 million square meters, is located in the  Wonorejo Dam, Pagerwojo, Tulungagung, East Java, is approximately 12 km from Tulungagung. This Vast reservoirs is surrounded refreshing natural green. This became the tourist allures to visit the new attraction that became the star around Tulungagung citizens. Inaugurated in 2001 precisely on June 21, the dam is equipped with facilities and supporting infrastructure for tourists such as restaurants, lodging, recreation place for families as well as the lines of communication are comfortable and qualified to pass various types of vehicles simply by paying the entrance fee Rp. 3000, – only.


besides containing the potential for tourism, dam functioned as a raw water supply for Surabaya’ PDAM, hydropower, irrigation for farming  in the surrounding area and also used as flood control water flow and  other benefits that are beneficial to the surrounding population. Indulge in the East Javanese cuisine, many restaurants standing around the reservoir, in recreational park you can try water sports activities, or flying fox, there is also a conference hall equipped mini theater. The net area of the dam is indeed interesting to be enjoyed,


occasional surprise yourself by enjoying treats of sunset with dam panoramic instead of the beach which has become too common. Happy holidays! (Arisca Meir/ (Foto:;;

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