Various Indonesian Traditional Porridge

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One Indonesian populist culinary is porridge, who is not familiar with the menu on this one, its variants are diverse society makes great demand all ages. So which one you craze of following  from these some kind of porridge? :

  • Bubur Ayam


Chicken porridge made ​​of rice cooked with plenty of water so it has the texture of soft, watery and a little salt in order to have a salty taste, then smothered in chicken broth and is equipped with shredded fried chicken, boiled egg, green onion, chopped celery, and a sprinkling of sliced ​​cakwe peanuts or soybeans, is more stable if given a little sauce, spiked with soy sauce and salt plus pepper, then add a sprinkling of fried onions, hmmm … delicious! savory taste that is usually enjoyed as a breakfast menu.

  • Bubur Sumsum


Bubur Sumsum is white, made ​​from rice flour cooked and served with a sauce made ​​from melted brown sugar, mix rice flour blends of savory and sweet of brown sugar to make a sweet taste that delicious. Bubur Sumsum  than enjoyed as a snack, often made ​​when there is a specific celebration such as a birthday celebration, the birth of a baby, or certain traditional events other.

  • Bubur Kacang Hijau


Well, who doesn’t like this porridge, in Jogja people often named Burjo from Bubur Kacang Ijo , healthy food that is rich in antioxidants may be enjoyed anyone. Make this porridge is easy, green beans stewed with with a little salt, then served with coconut milk and brown sugar water, delicious eaten while hot, but also delicious cold enjoyed by adding ice. There are some people who often enjoy pureed green beans mixed with black rice porridge, adjust to your taste.

  • Bubur Ketan Hitam


It is also one of the much-loved porridge  and also healthy. Black rice as the main ingredient itself is rich in nutritious substances also contain antioxidants similar to green bean which good for the body. This porridge texture is thick with black color, cooked with coconut milk, salt and add the pandan leaves if liked, cooked over low heat while stirring occasionally until thickened, then add the sugar and cornstarch.  Then put in a bowl and then pour the coconot milk. Not only delicious but also filling, delicious enjoyed hot or cold.

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